5 Best 3D Racing Games on Gamesqwik

What other games are quicker to play than racing games, am I right? ;) 5 Best 3D Racing Games on Gamesqwik large

The thrill of drifting around corners, overtaking your opponents, and crossing the finish line first is the hallmark of a great racing game, and on Gamesqwik, we've got lots of them to offer! Here's the top 5 best racing games that you simply must play!

1. Sprint Club Nitro

Sprint Club Nitro is a game for players who want to drive race cars at the highest possible speeds in some gorgeously detailed environments. The game offers some incredibly fast-paced races and this is why exceptional driving skills are needed if you want to beat your opponents to the finish line.

Play now: https://www.gamesqwik.com/play/sprint_club_nitro

2. Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero is a game for players who want their gameplay experience to be exhilarating and realistic. The driving mechanics are superb and the race tracks are a sight to behold thanks to the detailed textures and high definition background scenery.

Play now: https://www.gamesqwik.com/play/stock_car_hero

3. Grand Prix Hero

Grand Prix Hero is essentially a mix of both Stock Car Hero and Sprint Club Nitro because it offers the same delightful racing mechanics as Stock Car Hero but it manages to elevate the intensity to a whole new level by making the races as fast-paced as they are in Sprint Club Nitro. This is a game that’s definitely going to put your driving skills to the test as you navigate through the race tracks and try your best to outdo your opponents.

Play now: https://www.gamesqwik.com/play/grand_prix_hero

4. Furious Racing 3D

The only game that offers both "above car" and "inside car" view, Furious Racing 3D pits you against the traffic police as you try to race down a busy street in an oriental neighborhood. Don't crash into any other vehicles on the road and most importantly, don't let the police catch you in this thrilling, one-of-a-kind 3D HTML 5 racing game!

Play now: https://www.gamesqwik.com/play/furious_racing_3d

5. Highway Rider Extreme

The only motorbike racing games on this list, Highway Rider Extreme is a thrilling, first-person bike-racing game where you'll get to race down various busy streets riding on the most powerful, and amazing, of motorbikes, dodging traffic left and right. There are coins you can collect as well that you can then spend to buy upgrades or even new motorcycles.

Play now: https://www.gamesqwik.com/play/highway_rider_extreme